Frontline Spot On for Dogs Up to 10kg
3 tubes in a box

FRONTLINE® Spot On: Treatment and prevention of infestation by fleas for up to 3 months and ticks, lice and mites (including ear mites, Otodectes cynotis) except Demodex spp. For up to 1 month.

This is mean for small breed, which is up to 10kg, ideal for hdb allowed breed. If you are using on a puppy please do consult a vet prior to application.

Spot on solution containing 10% w/v fipronil. Presented in plastic pipettes, each containing 0.67 ml (67 mg fipronil). 1.34 ml (134 mg fipronil), 2.68 ml (268 mg fipronil) or 4.02ml (402 mg fipronil).

SGD 26


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