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Derma roller / derma pen / micro needle review Singapore

Since my last post on Dermedics MST (meso skin therapy micro needling ), I received emails from readers asking me if derma rolling can be done themselves at home.

Results defer with different rollers

Derma roller / derma pen / micro needling have risks if done under untrained hands .

There are also too many kinds of derma rollers in the market and not all derma rollers are the same . The may look similar but they do not produce the same results. Without a quality authentic derma roller, and when used by an untrained individual, skin needling can do more harm than good. 

Pressing too hard may cause added trauma to your face and if using a needle size too long, may result in painful, bloody or tearing of the skin.

Infection after skin needling
And not using a proper antibacterial ointment or skincare products while your skin is still red and raw can allow bacteria to enter the skin causing infection. Then there’s the healing, people have reported their pores being larger and whiteheads a…