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Lingerie, Skirts and Pants

La Senza Rachel Chemise in Strawberry
 UK size 10 (Fits S to M size)
Brand new with tag


La Senza Lace Halter Chemise in Dazz Blue
 UK size 10 (Fits S to M size)
Brand new with tag


H&M Sexy Lace Panties with Garter (Imported!)

- Fits S-M size
- Available in pink or white (see photo)
- $12 each (Brand new with tag)

H&M Leopard Print Panties with Garter (Imported!)


- Fits S-M size

- $12 (Brand new with tag)

H&M Garter Belt (Imported!)

- Fits S-M size

- $15 (Brand new with tag)


- Very pretty skirt from Just Jeans Australia
- To be worn low around the hips
- Fits local size S to M
- Material: Cotton
- $40 (BRAND NEW, sold at $80+ from Australia!)


- Sassy denim skirt with a great, skintight fit!
- Fits local size XS to S
- $9


- Beige tennis-style skirt.. great with sporty shoes!
- Can be worn low around the hips..
- Material: Stretch cotton
- Fits local size S to M
- $7 (worn twice)


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Dermedics MESOWHITE Original Korean BB glow Best Skin Whitening serum Singapore

Recently I have visited Xmedicimports - Dermedics Singapore to check out original products from Dermedics and fake products coming from from China and Korea . These countries are well-known for producing imitations.
Below are the differences 
About Dermedics Products:
Products originate from Europe.  Dermedics Products fully complies with the European Union standards for safety and functionality of all products. MESO SERUMS are also knows as MESOTHERPY serums There are 16 series of meso serums altogether. DERMEDICS MESO SERUMS are100% FREE of Parabens, Alcohol, Colourants, Fragrances, Allergens & Formaldehyde

Dermedics products are classed under cosmeceuticals and not normal skincare  **cosmeceuticals are high end skincare with higher potency than your average commercial skincare that high-end beauty salons and clinics are using or retailing
This is why you won’t find it commercially off the shelves.
Among the 16 types of MESO serums, my favourites are the MESO WHITE and MESO LIFT B…

Derma roller / derma pen / micro needle therapy treatment review facial Singapore

Since my last post on Dermedics MST (meso skin therapy micro needling ), I received emails from readers asking me more about micro-needle roller treatment therapy

Micro-Needle Roller Treatment

Micro-Needle Skin Roller has been shown to be as effective as clinical treatments,
such as laser resurfacing, dermabrasion,
and chemical peel. IPL, Fraxel,
and CO2 laser, in ultimately stimulating
elastin and collagen production.

Results defer with different rollers

Derma roller / derma pen / micro needling have risks if done under untrained hands .

There are also too many kinds of derma rollers in the market and not all derma rollers are the same . The may look similar but they do not produce the same results. Without a quality authentic derma roller, and when used by an untrained individual, skin needling can do more harm than good. 

Pressing too hard may cause added trauma to your face and if using a needle size too long, may result in painful, bloody or tearing of the skin.

Infection after skin …

Abercrombie & Fitch USA


Tee A

Tee B

- Abercrombie Slimfit ladies tee
- Fits local size S-M
- $19 each (Brand New with Tag; retail price was $29.50)


- Fits size XS-S
- Available in YELLOW/ GREY
- $15 each (BRAND NEW)

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